What is 

Unleash Your Warrior

This 6 month program will change your life.

I built this program around my own experiences in my personal transformation journey, where I took back control of my mind and body, became qualified in Rapid Transformational Therapy and Integrative Nutrition, and lost 75kg along the way.

My experience was hard, I felt so alone and I knew that I had to help others achieve the same results. I share my journey and my extensive knowledge with you openly and honestly, no topic is out of bounds – I want you to draw on my experience to achieve the results you desire.

What's included for $2499 up front or $99 per week

  • Initial 60 minute consultation in my clinic or over the phone to map out your journey and set some serious goals
  •  12 fortnightly x 90 minute sessions. These sessions are a combination of;
    • Up to 3 RTT Sessions – these sessions are used to investigate any underlying emotional concerns you may have. Some clients believe they do not have any to uncover, but weight concerns are a symptom of a deeper emotional need not being met. When we locate the root cause through hypnosis, we update your subconscious program then and there and we set you free. You will begin to nourish your mind and body in an entirely new way
    • Health coaching sessions – these sessions are for education on nutrition both on and off your plate. To be truly healthy and happy, we need a satisfying career, have fulfilling relationships, engage in daily physical activity and develop a meaningful spiritual practice. I share handouts that enhance your journey at each session, including my own paleo recipes. My sweet treats mini recipe book is a client favourite
    • Walk and talks – some clients need that extra push to get moving and that is what I am here for. There is nothing more uplifting than going for a walk in nature with someone you trust and opening up. I live near the beach and take every opportunity to get my clients out in the sunshine and soaking up the serotonin
    • Home or store visits – if you are struggling to get the pantry in order, finding the health food section at the supermarket too daunting… or just need me to come to you for a change of pace, I am happy to come to your home or shout you a coffee at your favourite coffee shop
  • Personalised motivational recordings – I share my library of motivational, meditation and binaural recordings to help you feel calm and relaxed. I record each of these in my studio and are tailored to your individual needs
  • Fortnightly gifts relevant to your journey. I love gifting all kinds of things, especially items that encourage you to take self care seriously!
  • Access to my private FB group Warriors Unite
  • Unlimited access to me via text message in between sessions. I understand better than anyone that we need some extra love and care when we are transforming. I am here to empower you to keep going