What is 

Unleash Your Mind

I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy on my own wellness journey, and I knew I was destined to use this tool to help others.

RTT is a hybrid of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and talk therapy. Based on the scientific phenomenon of neuroplasticity, we can use RTT to literally rewire your mind for rapid and permanent results.

I have used RTT to help clients with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, confidence, self esteem, motivation and weight loss, without the use of medications.

What's included for $599

  • 60 minute phone consultation to go through the intake form and book your session
  • 90 minute RTT session in my clinic
  • Personalised motivational recording
  • Weekly check ins for the first 21 days

Please note: My clients can be free of their presenting problems in the first session, however, up to 3 sessions may be required for long term depression and complex anxiety such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder