Frequently Asked Questions

Many clients say that they feel light, experience a floating feeling and at ease. You will not be asleep, but it is a sleep of the nervous system and you will feel your conscious thoughts slipping away. Now who doesn’t want that!

Many people say they cannot be hypnotised but in actual fact, we are in a hypnotic state some of our day already without knowing it. Have you ever experienced driving somewhere and you don’t remember the drive to your destination? Well that is very similar to being hypnotised. I believe every person can be hypnotised.

Absolutely. You can bring yourself out of hypnosis at any stage if you are uncomfortable or do not feel safe.

You will feel very relaxed and comfortable. Similar to when you are dozing off to sleep at night, it will feel very familiar to you. Some clients may cry and that is completely normal, tears are a release of energy.

You are in total control of what you do and don’t share with me during your session. If you do not feel comfortable sharing details of a memory that comes up, I will encourage you to share how you feel about the memory.

You will feel light, calm and relaxed. I have had clients say they feel like they have just woken up so I normally make my clients a cup of tea and I answer . I suggest to clients to go for a little walk, meditate or take a warm bath with essential oils when they return home and have some alone time to reflect on your session. It is completely normal to feel energy being released post session and this may manifest as a headache or general aching.

My clients can be free of their presenting problems in the first session, however, up to 3 sessions may be required for long term depression and complex anxiety such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.